4 Best Ways to Exude Professionalism Throughout the Firefighter Hiring Process

What fire departments are hiring and how long it takes to become a firefighter

There are so many requirements during the firefighter hiring process that you are told you need to meet. There are some additional skills you need to have in order to get hired as a firefighter that might not be on the job posting, like professionalism

1. Be on Time

The first way to show your professionalism during the firefighter hiring process is to be on time, heck be early. Depending on what portion of the firefighting testing process you are on you may even be disqualified if you are late. Being punctual is the bare minimum of professionalism. If you can’t be on time, how are you going to show up to work on time if you are hired? If you struggle with time management, then get a friend or spouse to help you keep on top of your stuff, eventually you will get into the habit of arriving early. It seems like such a small thing, but it is critical if you want to be promoted. 

2. Dress the Part

Before you go through any of the many firefighter hiring process stages, you need to dress the part. First impressions matter, and the first thing the people doing the hiring are going to see is how you look. So based on what portion of testing you are going to, make sure you look the part. If you are going to your oral interview, wear a suit, make sure your hair and face look clean.

If you are going to a physical assessment make sure you are wearing the appropriate attire and that you still look clean. Do not wear dingy sweats or shorts to your physical assessment. Even if you are supposed to dress casually, make sure you still look put together. If you get hired you will be expected to look the part at all times, so make sure you show the hiring officers you can do just that. 

3. Talk the Talk

The next way to show your professionalism is through how you talk to others. Talk clearly and appropriately. Do not use any sort of profanity or inappropriate language at any time, even if you are just hanging out with other candidates waiting for next steps, you never know who will overhear you. If you are hired you are expected to be the face of the department and if you can’t speak professionally and appropriately you will not get the job. As a firefighter you are always being watched and observed by the public, especially with all of the technological advances, so you need to be able to keep your cool under pressure and act professionally. 

4. Be Respectful 

One of the most important things throughout the firefighter hiring process on the job, is to remain respectful. People in this world all have different views on everything, it is your job as a servant in the community to remain respectful even if someone is saying something you disagree with. Remaining respectful in the face of confrontation is the key to professionalism. It also shows you have compassion and understanding for others, which is a great attribute if you want to move up the ranks in the fire service as you will encounter so many different people from different walks of life on the job and throughout the hiring process. 

5. Keep Your Cool 

The firefighter hiring process can be stressful. You will be scrutinized in every way as you work toward your goal of prompting, which may result in a lot of emotions both positive and negative. It is important that you stay level headed in the face of criticism. There is nothing more professional than a person who can take constructive criticism and use that to better themselves instead of arguing and getting angry. Keeping your cool is also just a crucial part of being a firefighter as stated above, you will always encounter people with differing views than you on the job. 

The Takeaway 

Getting hired in the fire service isn’t just about passing a test and a physical, it is about so much more than that. You must prove you can act as a professional at all times, starting with how you dress and escalating to how you handle conflict. If you want to get hired in the fire service be sure to let your professionalism show on the job as well as throughout the hiring process.