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firefighter standing in front of fire truck

3 Positive Traits Every Firefighter Candidate Should Showcase in an Interview

When it comes to the job of a firefighter, technical skills and physical fitness are essential. However, during the interview process, it’s equally important to …

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Mastering the Power of a Positive Mindset

In the journey toward becoming a firefighter, job interviews serve as crucial gateways to success. While technical skills and qualifications are important, the power of …

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Mastering the Art of Self-Promotion in Job Interviews: Showcasing Your Positive Qualities with Humility

In today’s competitive job market, interviews serve as the gateway to career opportunities. While it’s crucial to highlight your positive qualities during these meetings, striking …

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firefighter with arms crossed

But I Don’t Have Any Experience…

Getting into the Fire Service can seem like a daunting task; especially if you don’t have any fire experience or know someone who does, that …

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fire chief pointing

3 Tips to Help You Through The Chief’s Interview

The Chief’s Interview is the final stage of your firefighter hiring journey. After the weeks, months, or possibly even years, worth of preparation you’ve put …

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person using a phone and laptop

A Comprehensive Guide to Post-Interview Success

A panel interview is an important step in the firefighter hiring process. It is essential that you make a good impression on the panel of …

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persistence snail crawling


We all know that the path to success is not easy, and it requires persistence. Firefighters, for example, must pass a difficult interview process in …

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Have a “You Attitude”

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re looking for some help with an upcoming interview. More than likely, you’ve also been unsuccessful in at least …

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Read The Room

Interviews can feel difficult; especially when they aren’t going well. After going to a few interviews and not getting the job, it’s easy to start …

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firefighters outside of the station

How to Research a Fire Department

“I just want to be a firefighter. I don’t care where it is or what department it’s for. I just want a fire job.”   …

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woman with circ saw

Firefighter: It’s Just Another Job…Isn’t It?

When it comes to choosing a career path, there is a wide range of occupations, and motivations that contribute to the final decision.    Should …

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Man climbing a rock

Be Different and Get Hired

On the long road to getting hired with a fire department, it’s easy to lose perspective. After going to interview after interview and not getting …

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woman doing yoga

Four Ways to Reduce Stress and Refocus While Preparing for Your Interview

Trying to get hired with a Fire Department can be a very stressful time in your life. It takes an immense amount of effort and …

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How To Answer The Most Common Firefighter Interview Question

You’ve made it through the written and practical tests. You’re feeling great; full of excitement and enthusiasm about the ever-so-close prospect of your job as …

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man walking down a road in the desert


Motivation is the driving force behind our actions and behaviors. It is what inspires us to set goals and work towards achieving them. Whether you’re …

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Fire engines at night

Firefighter Interview Help: 5 Tips For A Successful Interview

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all need a little help sometimes. For a lot of people, the firefighter interview is one …

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firefighter controlling an exposure line

Practice, Practice, And More Practice

For everything we do in life, practice is the pathway to success. Practice, fueled by persistence and guided by research will undoubtedly lead to success …

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we start from why sticky note

Why You Need to Research Yourself: Part Three

Knowing “why” you’re doing something is the most important motivation and most relevant reason as to why we do anything. We eat because we’re hungry. …

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type writer "goals"

Why You Need to Research Yourself: Part Two

Part one of “Why You Need to Research Yourself” was aimed at helping you understand exactly who you are today; based on your core values, …

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be yourself flag

Why You need to Research Yourself: Part One

Having success in your firefighter interview relies heavily on your ability to convey who you are to the panel. The only way to be able …

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firefighter on aerial masterstream

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Firefighter Interview

While you’re preparing for your firefighter panel interview, you have a lot to think about. What to wear, what to say, and how to say …

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Firefighter in Fire truck

How Do I Become a Firefighter?: A Guide to the Firefighter Hiring Process

The firefighter hiring process can be long and involved. For those who are just starting out on their journey to become a firefighter, it can …

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3 Tips for Firefighter Interview Preparation

Here at Firefighter Interview Prep, we are all about the preparation. While our model of “Research, Preparation, Execution” highlights three aspects of the interview process, …

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Story Telling: How to Answer Firefighter Interview Questions

The firefighter interview is the most pivotal part of the hiring process. Knowing how to answer firefighter interview questions is key to being successful. If …

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Starting the Journey: How to Get Your First Firefighter Interview

Starting the Journey:
How to Get Your First Firefighter Interview

Getting started in a new career is challenging. You will need perseverance and diligence to make it happen. Becoming a Firefighter is no different. It will take proper planning and hard work to achieve the position. If you’re just starting out on the journey of becoming a Firefighter, here is some guidance on what the next steps look like for you, and how to get your first Firefighter interview.

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Tips for success in the firefighter academy

What to Expect from the Firefighter Academy and 4 Tips for Success

Once you have successfully navigated the firefighter hiring process and smoked your interview, you will be getting ready for your department’s fire academy. The academy …

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Physical fitness and how to become a firefighter

Roadmap to Getting in Shape and Getting Hired as a Firefighter

Physical fitness is a cornerstone of the Firefighting profession. It is something that you’ll need to take seriously and incorporate into your daily routine in …

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Set goals and become a firefighter

5 Steps to Setting Goals As You Begin Your Firefighter Career Journey

One way to make your firefighter interview prep more efficient, is to set study goals for yourself that are actually achievable. Obviously the overall goal …

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Leadership affects morale in the firehouse

5 Things You Can Do to Have a Successful First Day in the Firehouse

You have made it through all the testing and your firefighter interview preparation has paid off! The thought of your first shift can leave anyone …

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What fire departments are hiring and how long it takes to become a firefighter

4 Best Ways to Exude Professionalism Throughout the Firefighter Hiring Process

There are so many requirements during the firefighter hiring process that you are told you need to meet. There are some additional skills you need …

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Studying for your firefighter promotional exam

How to Dress for Firefighter Interviews So You Get Hired

Now that you have completed your firefighter interview preparation it is time to dress the part for your fire interview. Showing up to your interview …

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