Four Ways to Reduce Stress and Refocus While Preparing for Your Interview

woman doing yoga

Trying to get hired with a Fire Department can be a very stressful time in your life. It takes an immense amount of effort and energy in order to stay focused on getting your dream job. Maintaining your motivation should be one of your top priorities during this time. However, in order to stay motivated, sometimes you have to take a step back and realign yourself with the big picture. Here are four ways to reduce stress and refocus while preparing for your next interview.


  1. Breathing Techniques

Breathing is something we do all day without much thought. Our bodies naturally regulate the exchange of oxygen and keep us moving. When we are tired, one way to rejuvenate our mind is to practice a breathing exercise. Doing so will bring about several physical and mental health benefits, such as increased oxygen and blood flow, reduced blood pressure, better concentration, and greater calmness.


  1. Meditation

Meditation is not just something for those who practice yoga. Many people find benefits from a quick, 10-15 minute, meditation. This type of relaxation can be especially helpful when you are deep into interview preparation. A short meditation practice will help boost your mood, improve focus, enhance awareness and prevent stress.


  1. Exercise

The physical health benefits from exercise are widely publicized. What may be less promoted however, are the vast mental benefits of exercise. Some of these include: memory enhancement, improved confidence, stress relief and heightened mood. Better yet, these benefits can be achieved with a very short amount of exercise. So no excuses! Next time you’re getting tired just do a few push-ups, or go for a short walk.


  1. Cold Plunge/Cold Shower

Cold plunges have become extremely popular recently. Exposing yourself to cold temperatures for a very brief amount of time has been shown to produce some very positive effects: 

Reduce cortisol – the stress hormone

Increase endorphins – a natural painkiller 

Increase norepinephrine – regulates emotions and boosts focus

Increase testosterone – promotes energy, muscle development and bone growth.


The Takeaway


We all lose some amount of intensity in our actions over time. That’s normal. But you don’t want to be normal. You want to enter into a profession where you need to be unusually driven. So you need to figure out how to step back, take stock, and get back into the fight. Try any or all of these techniques the next time you start feeling burnt out. Doing so will help recharge your focus and get you back on track towards becoming a firefighter.