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We all know that the path to success is not easy, and it requires persistence. Firefighters, for example, must pass a difficult interview process in order to be hired. This process requires preparation and execution, but it also requires the individual to remain positive and work hard even if they don’t get the job at first.

This article will discuss the importance of persistence when applying for a job as a firefighter. It will cover topics such as interview preparation, research, execution, and most importantly how to remain positive during this process. By following these tips and remaining persistent throughout your application process you can increase your chances of success in becoming a firefighter.

Persistence may be one of the most sought after traits when it comes to firefighters. Being persistent is a basic requirement for someone looking to become a firefighter because at times, the job can be especially challenging. The interview panel knows this as well as anyone, and that is why they listen closely to your answers during the interview to see if you are a persistent individual.

So just in case you need a little help, here are a few ways to develop your persistence.

Start small and make a plan

The best way to improve your persistence is to start small. Pick something that is attainable; like making your bed. This may seem silly, but starting small is the key to developing habits that will stick around. Once you have your sights set on something you can achieve everyday, make a plan. The plan is simple. Do the task on a set schedule. If you choose to make your bed everyday, then your plan would be to make the bed as soon as you wake up. It’s as easy as that.

Be consistent

Now that you have a plan, you need to be consistent. Everytime you accomplish this small goal you are building momentum. This momentum will set you up to move on and accomplish much larger tasks throughout the day. These larger tasks will seem easier because you started your day out by being productive with a small, yet crucial, task.

Setup check points to keep yourself honest

Incorporate some routine check-ins with yourself to see how you’re doing. Add these to the plan that you originally made. These checkpoints will serve as a way to keep you honest with yourself. Have you been consistent? If so, you’ll be able to congratulate yourself and look to add larger tasks to your daily routine. If you have missed a few days, here and there, you’ll know you need to buckle down and work harder. 


The Takeaway

Harness the power of persistence and make it work for you. Use these tips to get into a routine that will make you a persistent person. Then take your persistence into the interview room with confidence and crush the panel interview.